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Free Walking Animations - Clipart

Page with people, dogs and others walking.  A variety of people and animals on the move. Category includes walking to school, walking for fun, families out for a stroll, walking the dog, walking the pig and walking while carrying a heavy load.

You may use our walking animations and clipart on your personal and school websites and pages.

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boys walking
Two boys walking to or from school clipart.
boy and dog walking
A man walking his dog or a dog walking his man animation.
man walking
Elderly man walking at a good pace animation.
family out for walk
A family out for a walk with father, mother, son and daughter animation.

man and his pig
A farmer out for a walk with his favorite pig clipart image.
frog walk
Is this what you call a frog walk? A green frog out for a stroll animation.
young man walking
 A young man out for a brisk walk animation.
power walking
A man out for a power walk animation.
man fast walk
An animated man on a determined walk.

man smile walk
A man with a big smile on a fast walk animation.
man walk staff
A man walking with a staff animation.
man woman dog walk
Man, woman and dog out for a fun walk clipart.
person walking
A biped out for a stroll illustration animation.
walking to school
A young man walking to school or work animation.
walking with books
A woman walking with a full load of books in her arms animation.
walking with basket
Woman walking with a basket gif animation.

If you use our free walking graphics, please give us credit.

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