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Butterfly animations and glitter graphics. Category includes butterflies feeding, butterflies sitting on flowers, animated butterflies in flight, a wide variety of butterflies with glitter animation and butterflies of many colors.

All animated butterflies are gifs and most have transparent backgrounds.

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butterflies eating
Two animated butterflies feeding.
animated butterfly
Animated butterfly with dark colors.
butterfly glitter
Butterfly with glitter animation and bright colors.
butterfly bright colors
Blue and pink butterfly animation.
blue butterfly
Purple butterfly with light blue spots animated.
glitter butterfly
Glitter butterfly of many colors.

flying butterfly
Flying violet butterfly animation.
butterfly on flower
Animated butterfly sitting and feeding from a flower.
butterfly animation
An unusual animated butterfly.
butterfly green dots
Small animated butterfly flapping wings.
butterfly red animation
Butterfly with red and glitter animation.
white butterfly animation
A white butterfly flying.
side view butterfly
The side view of an animated butterfly flying.
butterfly glitter animation
A large bright colored butterfly with glitter animation.

green butterfly graphic
A multi colored butterfly with a little animation.
orange butterfly animation
A nice orange and blue butterfly in flight.
many color butterfly
Butterfly of many colors in flight.
animated orange butterfly
Butterfly illustration in flight.
purple glitter butterfly
A purple butterfly with white glitter animation.
light butterfly
A light butterfly with star animation.
glitter butterfly animation
Large butterfly with glitter.

yellow butterfly
Yellow and black butterfly clipart image.
butterfly purple
Butterfly in flight black, red, purple and blue.
animated butterfly
Small butterfly flying.
bright animated butterfly
Orange and brown butterfly animated.
yellow animated butterfly
A yellow and black butterfly animation.
butterfly with glitter animation
Butterfly with big glitter animation.
little butterfly
A cute little animated butterfly.
red butterfly
Red and purple butterfly with animated wings.

If you use our free butterfly graphics, please give us credit.

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