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Christmas Elves

The elves on this page include clipart created with black, white and transparent backgrounds. Category includes Santa's elves making toys, checking lists and relaxing.

You may use the Christmas Elves clipart on your personal web pages. It takes all types of elves to get ready for Christmas eve.

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elf candy cane
Santa's elf showing off his candy cane.
elf with train
Santa's elf working on a toy train.
animated elf
One of Santa's elves with animation.
elf sitting on gifts and waving
Hello from a little elf sitting on Christmas gifts.
boy girl elf
A girl and boy elf.
elves bowling
Elves are different - even when bowling.
elf in red and white with holly
Santa's little helper.

elf animated
Happy dancing elf animated gif.
an elf resting
A lazy but happy elf.
elf on white jpg
Shifty eyed elf on white background.
flying elf
Santa's elf helping with the delivery of presents.
little elf with Christmas stocking full of presents
Cute little elf.
a fancy 3d elf with candy cane
3D elf with a large candy cane.
working elf
One of Santa's hard working elves.
elves skiing
Two elves skiing.
elf in red and green on white jpg
I didn't do it! Elf with a guilty look.
elf strutting his stuff
Animated Elf on the move.

elf leader
Elf leading the way.
elf singing
Well dressed elf singing about the joy of Christmas.
joy to the world
Elf with a message for everyone.
Santa and elves
Santa and his elves getting ready for Christmas eve.
kitten elves
Santa's little kitten elves.
Santa's helper animation
Santa's helper waving.
Christmas gift
Wrapped Christmas gift spinning.
wild and crazy elf
Goofy, crazy, wild and wonderful elf.
Christmas elf
Happy Christmas elf in a hurry.
an elf and a reindeer
An elf working with a reindeer.
elf and rudolph
An elf with his friend, rudolph.
elf shower
Grumpy elf cooling off North Pole style.

elf with friend
An elf with friend - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
three elves
Three of Santa's elves.
elves wirking on new toys
Elves creating toys for good little boys and girls.
elves working
Two elves hard at work. Perhaps one is working harder than the other?
Merry Christmas animated
Merry Christmas with ribbons.
elf with candy cane
Elf with a really big candy cane.

transparent elf .png
artistic elf - transparent
elves working on Santa's list
Elves organizing Santa's list. Have you been naughty or nice?
girl elf
Merry Christmas with girl elf, tree and glitter animation.
elf working on toys
Elf making dolls.
elves coffee
Elves with a morning cup of coffee.
elves having fun
Animated elves having fun on a black background.
three elves
Three elves with star, candy cane and bells.
elf on the move
Happy elf on the move animation.
elf ornament
An elf playing hide and seek with a Christmas ornament animation.
elf working computer
One of Santa's elves working hard on computer.

elf with red cap
Elf with something on his mind.
girl elf
An elf dressed for the holiday season carrying a Christmas present.
two elves dancing
Happy elves dancing to the music.
elves getting ready for the big day
Elves preparing for Christmas Day.
happy mouse with candy cane W
Mouse with candy cane on Christmas Day

baby elf
Baby elf dressed for the North Pole cold.
happy christmas elf jpg
elf with a happy face on white
she elf
She Elf (yes, I borrowed that term from a Hobbit movie) with a happy face and an arm full of present.
elf with wings
Elf with wings made of holly.

happy elf
A cheerful young elf dressed in red and green.
happy elf
Elf is happy to see you. Nice elf suit.
fancy Christmas elf
Christmas elf with feathers.
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas with snowflakes.

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.If you use our Christmas elves please give us credit for our images. Thanks.

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About Elves

Christmas elves are mythical creatures typically associated with the Christmas holiday. According to popular folklore, these elves work for Santa Claus at the North Pole, helping him to prepare for the Christmas holiday by making toys, wrapping presents, and other important tasks.

Traditionally, Christmas elves are depicted as small, mischievous creatures with pointed ears and a distinctive pointed hat. They are often dressed in green or red clothing and have a jolly, playful demeanor. They are said to be hardworking and industrious, always busy making toys and preparing for Christmas.

In recent years, the popularity of Christmas elves has grown, and they have become a popular decorative item during the holiday season. Many families enjoy having their own elf on the shelf, which is a small elf doll that they can move around their house each night, creating the illusion that the elf is reporting back to Santa on their behavior.

Overall, Christmas elves are a beloved and enduring symbol of the holiday season, representing the joy and magic of Christmas.