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Animated American Flags plus Patriotic America graphics. Category includes people waving The American Flag, American Flags waving in the wind on flag poles and patriotic American glitter animations.

We have included flags that will work well on white, black and multi-colored backgrounds. All animations are gifs and have been optimized for fast loading.

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American flag on black
Animated American Flag on a black background.
American flag transparent
Animated American Flag with transparent background. Animation may be used on any background color or image.
American flag on white
Animated waving American Flag on a white background.
America flag overlay
The word America with an American Flag overlay and a small amount of glitter animation.
America with glitter
The word America with glitter plus red and blue stars.
American flag on pole
An American flag animation waving in the wind from a flag pole.
American flag in breeze
American Flag animation on a pole.
American flag waving
A large American Flag animation waving in the wind.

American flag animation
Animated American Flag on a wooden flag pole.
Betty with American flag
Betty celebrating her love for America with an American Flag, red, white and blue balloon plus a stars and stripes hat with glitter animation over all.
boy with American flag
A young scout holding an animated American Flag.
Live Free
Live Free America with an American Flag overlay and white glitter.
American Flag
An American Flag on a flag pole waving in the breeze.
man waving American Flag
An animated man celebrating America with a small American Flag.
small American flag animation
A small American Flag blowing in the wind.
woman waving the American flag
A woman showing her love for America with an American Flag.
woman with the American flag
Another woman celebrating America with an American Flag.

If you use our free American Flag graphics, please give us credit.

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