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Congratulations animations and glitter graphics. Category includes big celebrations, champagne with confetti, smiley faces, Betty Boop, congratulations on graduation and congrats on the new baby.

Page has lots of balloons, flowers, glitter and other fun ways to say congratulations. All animations are gifs and have been optimized for quick loading.

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congratulations smiley
Congrats from a big animated smiley face.
friends celebrating
Congratulations from friends with balloons, music and fun animation.
Congratulations with champagne and animated confetti.
congratulations betty
Congrats from Betty Boop with glitter animation.
Congrats on your graduation.
congratulations with heart
Congrats with a heart and glitter animation.

Congratulations with hearts, sun and animation.
congratulations balloons
Congratulations with balloons, cake, a chef, flowers and animation.
well done
Well Done You Did It with stars.
congratulations glitter
Congratulations with lots of color and glitter animation.
congratulations flowers
Congratulations with flowers.
Congratulations with a red rose and glitter.
congratulations flowers glitter
Congratulations with flowers and a little glitter.
It's A Girl
Congratulations It's A Girl.
mommy and daddy
Congratulations to a new Mommy and Daddy with a stork.
great job
Great Job with congratulations.
congratulations in pastels
Congratulations with flowers and a cute friend in pastel colors.
well done
Congratulations - Well Done in bright colors with a little animation.

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