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Football clipart and animations. Graphics of footballs spinning through the air and clipart of balls. Football players including running backs playing hard plus quarterbacks. Page includes blocking drills and linebackers intercepting the pass. Also fans as well as doink field goals. This category also has examples of why you should always be sharp when playing football.

You may use our American football graphics on your personal pages and websites.

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Football with perspective shadow clipart.
football spinning
Animated football spinning. Based on its angle, must be a Hail Mary.
running back
A running back animation. Clearly he is on his way to the end zone.
blocking drills
Blocking drills animation best on best. Someone has to come out on top.
breaking a tackle
Animated running back breaking a tackle. I can hear the coach now, " I told you to wrap him up, take the bench".
catching football
Animation of player demonstrating that there is more than one way to catch a football.

ball in mouth
Word to linebackers, when trying to intercept the ball always keep your mouth shut clipart.
field goal animation
Animation of a doink field goal. And it is good!
football fan
Animated football fan in a jersey with a football.
forward pass
Animation of a quarterback throwing a forward pass.
football spin
Animated pass with spiral.
football pass spin
Animated football pass with a wobble.
tackle football
Always be sharp when playing tackle football.

forward pass
Football player throwing a pass. Could be the quarterback but of course now days it could be almost anyone.
bad day football
A football player and referee having a bad day animation.
running back
A running back on the move or perhaps a quarterback scrambling.

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