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Alligators and crocodiles for use on personal and non-profit websites and pages. This page includes a variety of clip art and gif animations of alligators living their gator life.

Category has dancing alligators, running gators and alligators walking graphics. There are happy, sad and even angry gators. Also included are baby alligators.

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happy alligator
Happy alligator with a big smile - clipart image.
alligator music
Alligator playing a sad tune - animated.
alligator message
An alligator sending a very important message - animation.
an angry alligator
An angry alligator with a lot of sharp teeth - animation.
baby alligator
A baby alligator perhaps learning to walk - animated.
chomping alligator
An alligator with a big chomp - animation.
dancing alligators
Dancing alligators - animated. Could they be from Louisana?

dancing alligator
Dancing alligator with a big finish - clipart image.
alligator's first day
Hello world baby alligator coming out of an egg - animation.
pet alligator
Pet alligator in an alligator house - animated. Perhaps he wants to play Frisbee or fetch the stick?
running alligator
Alligator on the run animation. Perhaps there is a boot salesman on his heels.
walking gator
A cool gator out for a stroll animation.
gator wink
A gator with a moving tail plus a winking eye animated.

happy gator
A happy and friendly looking alligator with a big smile.
everglades alligator
A tourist in the Everglades accidentally walking on an alligator.
Alligator with long teeth.
happy alligator
A happy alligator showing off dance moves.

If you use our free alligator graphics, please give us credit.

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About Alligators

Alligators are large, semi-aquatic reptiles that are found in the southeastern United States, particularly in Florida and Louisiana. They belong to the family Alligatoridae, which also includes their close relatives, the caimans. Alligators are carnivorous and feed primarily on fish, turtles, birds, and mammals.

The average size of an adult alligator is about 10 to 15 feet in length and can weigh up to 1,000 pounds. They have a broad, rounded snout and powerful jaws filled with sharp teeth. Alligators are covered in tough, armored scales that help protect them from predators and other threats. They are well-adapted to their semi-aquatic lifestyle and are strong swimmers, with webbed feet that allow them to move through the water with ease.

Alligators are solitary animals and prefer to live in freshwater habitats such as swamps, marshes, and rivers. During the winter months, they may become dormant and bury themselves in mud to conserve energy. In the spring, they emerge and mate, with females laying their eggs in nests made of vegetation and mud.

Despite their fearsome appearance, alligators are an important part of their ecosystem and play a vital role in maintaining the balance of their habitat. However, they can be dangerous to humans and caution should be taken when encountering them in the wild.

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