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Animated ants working hard and showing off. This page includes angry ants, walking ants and even an ant singing a lullaby. There are plenty of worker ants carrying things like apples, pears, oranges and leaves. Also ants waving, ants flying,ants trapped and ants that seem to be lost.

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angry ant
An angry ant that had been disturbed from a nap in his ant bed.
animated ant
A large ant with animated antenna.
walking ant
An ant on the move with animation.
ant apple
Animation of an ant carrying a heavy load, red apple.
ant leaf animated
An animated ant carrying home a piece of cut leaf for the colony.
ant pear
Animated ant carrying a nice yellow pear on his back.
ant singing
Animated ant singing a lullaby to his favorite ant egg. Do ants play favorites?

ant model
An animated ant super model showing of his/her stuff. Do queens put on a show?
ant trapped
Ant trapped animation. If he can't get out how did he get in?
waving ant
A friendly animated ant waving.
black ants
Animation of 2 black ants searching for something. It must be your kitchen.
confused ant
Moving ant with a nice big green leaf. He looks a bit confused. Did someone step on the pheromone trail he was following? That confuses them every time.
Florida ant
Animated ant carrying a nice big (and juicy) Florida orange.
line of ants
A line of black ants playing follow the leader.
ant wings
An animated winged ant. He looks like a happy fellow. Do you suppose he just found out what his life's work will be? Do you think they also told him about his life span? Probably not...

ant worker
A hard working ant excavating some fresh dirt for the colony.
worker ant
A hard working construction ant carrying a heavy load animation.

If you use our free ant graphics, please give us credit.

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