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Animated ants working hard and showing off. This page includes angry ants, walking ants and even an ant singing a lullaby. There are plenty of worker ants carrying things like apples, pears, oranges and leaves. Also ants waving, ants flying,ants trapped and ants that seem to be lost.

Our ant graphics may be used on your personal websites or pages.

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angry ant
An angry ant that had been disturbed from a nap in his ant bed.
animated ant
A large ant with animated antenna.
walking ant
An ant on the move with animation.
ant apple
Animation of an ant carrying a heavy load, red apple.
ant leaf animated
An animated ant carrying home a piece of cut leaf for the colony.
ant pear
Animated ant carrying a nice yellow pear on his back.
ant singing
Animated ant singing a lullaby to his favorite ant egg. Do ants play favorites?

ant model
An animated ant super model showing of his/her stuff. Do queens put on a show?
ant trapped
Ant trapped animation. If he can't get out how did he get in?
waving ant
A friendly animated ant waving.
black ants
Animation of 2 black ants searching for something. It must be your kitchen.
confused ant
Moving ant with a nice big green leaf. He looks a bit confused. Did someone step on the pheromone trail he was following? That confuses them every time.
Florida ant
Animated ant carrying a nice big (and juicy) Florida orange.
line of ants
A line of black ants playing follow the leader.
ant wings
An animated winged ant. He looks like a happy fellow. Do you suppose he just found out what his life's work will be? Do you think they also told him about his life span? Probably not...

working ant
Animated hard worker ant.
happy ant
A happy ant on the move.
ant worker
A hard working ant excavating some fresh dirt for the colony.
worker ant
A hard working construction ant carrying a heavy load animation.

If you use our free ant graphics, please give us credit.

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About Ants

Ants are a diverse group of insects that exhibit a wide range of variations in their physical characteristics, behavior, and social organization. There are over 12,000 known species of ants, and new species are still being discovered and described by scientists.

One of the most obvious variations among ants is their size. Some species are very small, measuring only a few millimeters in length, while others are much larger, with some species reaching up to 5 centimeters in length. The size of an ant is often related to its role within the colony, with larger ants typically being soldiers or workers tasked with defending the colony or foraging for food.

Another variation among ants is their coloration. Ants can be black, brown, red, yellow, or even green in color, with some species displaying striking patterns and markings. The coloration of an ant may be related to its habitat, with ants that live in leaf litter often having a darker coloration to help them blend in.

Ants also exhibit a wide range of behaviors and social organization. Some species are solitary, with each individual ant living and foraging on its own, while others live in large colonies with specialized roles for different individuals. The organization of ant colonies can range from simple groups of a few dozen individuals to complex societies with millions of ants.

There are also variations in the types of nests and habitats that ants live in. Some ants build nests in soil, while others live in trees, rocks, or even inside other organisms like plants or other insects. Some ants are also able to form colonies that are nomadic, moving from place to place as needed.

Overall, the diversity of ants is a testament to their incredible adaptability and success as a group of insects.


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