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New animal gifs are added weekly. This category includes dogs, cats, gorillas, deer, tigers, cheetahs, bears, bison, mice, armadillos, hummingbirds, kangaroos and animated chickens. If you continue on in the animated animal section you will find elephants, giraffes, pandas, squirrels, bulls, lizards, penguins, black bears and polar bears.

We didn't feel we had enough so we continued added animated animals such as hippopotamus, frogs, butterflies, ants, birds, dinosaurs, horses, rabbits, beavers, pelicans, ducks, llamas, bees and turtles. Spend a little time exploring this section and you just may find a few animated animal gifs that will be fun having on your personal website.

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animated gorilla beating chest
Animated Gorilla
Animated Gorilla
bee being lazy
Laid back bee.
tiger animated gifs
Walking Tiger Animated
donkey animated
Small donkey.
animated deer running
Deer Running Animation
panda eating
Panda playing.
animated bear
Bear walking with smile.
cat animation
Animation of a small big cat.
bird flying
A bird working on his wings.
cooking bear
Bear chef ready for grilling.
golfing bear
Bear ready for a round of golf.
skunk grooming
Animated skunk working on his mighty tail.
cat on the move
Cat walking tall.

cat cleaning herself animation
Clean cat animation.
animated ladybug
Ladybug Rotating
mouse with cheese
Mouse with his favorite cheese.
mice and cat
This time the mice win.
working bear animation
A hard working bear animation.
Two animated camels together.
Ladybug looking good.

Animated bee landing.
man's best friend
Man with his best friend.
cat animation
A friendly cat animation.
cow animation
A happy cow animation.
moose eating
Animated moose eating.
mouse and his cheese
Mouse and his cheese.
animated rat
Laid back rat. Cool rat?
Armadillo animation
Armadillo on the move - animated.
snake animated
cobra dancing to the music
Cobra Animated
three turtles playing
Young turtles playing.
turtle walking slowly
Turtle on the move, slowly.

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Our animal animations are free to be used to enhance your website. Please give us credit if you use them.  Thank you.

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