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Page with babies and many of the fun things they do. Graphics include babies with ribbons, babies cooking and babies crawling. Also in this category are babies crying and hugging. Perhaps at the same time. Almost forgot, babies sleeping, swinging, writing, playing the guitar and even one sticking out his tongue.

You may use our baby animations and clipart on your personal websites and pages.

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baby ribbons
Baby in red shirt with ribbons in her hair clipart image.
babies cooking
Boy and girl babies cooking animated with their puppy dog.
baby crawling
Baby on the move crawling.
baby crying
Baby crying animation. He is really good at this.

baby napping
Baby taking a nap with all her friends keeping her safe.
happy baby
Happy baby with his favorite stuffed giraffe clipart image.
baby and bear
Baby and teddy bear animated sitting at a table writing a best seller.
baby arrived
The baby has arrived gif animation. Now this is first class delivery.
baby on swing
Baby on a swing animation with a little help from a friend.

baby blocks
Happy baby playing with blocks and rattle.
baby balloons
Baby balloons clipart in pink and blue.
baby guitar
Animated baby playing his guitar while doing his best Jimi Hendrix impersonation.
baby attitude
An animated baby with serious attitude. You keep doing that your face will get stuck that way.
babies flowers
Babies playing dress up with flowers and a little animation.

If you use our free baby graphics, please give us credit.

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