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Free Ghost Gifs - Halloween Clipart

This page includes Halloween ghosts, bats and skeletons.

Didn't give it any thought when the image was created but there is a shadow cast from the bat onto the ghost. Can one see a shadow on a ghost?

We tire of the usual orange for Halloween so many of our images have none, including Flaming Skeleton man.

We hope you find an image you like.

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friendly ghost
A jolly and friendly ghost.
scary ghost
A rather scary ghost animation.
A smiley mummy animated gif.
happy skeleton
Skeleton waving animation.
animated ghost on fire
Animated fire ghost.
trick or treat
Trick or Treat from your friendly neighborhood ghost.

Halloween scene with ghosts, graveyard and witch
Happy Halloween scene with witch, ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns.
vampire animated
A vampire that happens to be a messy eater.
trick or treat
Two trick or treaters ready for a big candy haul.
spooky ghost on black
Spooky ghost out of darkness.
three ghosts animated
Three flying ghosts animated.
happy halloween
Alien with Happy Halloween sign.
candy corn
Pile of candy corn on white.
ghost with Happy Halloween
Friendly ghost with a Happy Halloween sign.

black cat animation
Black Cat Animation
Happy Halloween animation
Happy Halloween with girl and black cat plus animation.

spooky scene
Scary Happy Halloween scene with black cat, jack-o'-lanterns and spider.

fun ghost
A ghost having fun.
black cat and jack-o'-lanterns
Witches familiar black cat and his favorite jack-o'-lantern.

halloween ghost
Spooky ghost with glitter animation.
floating ghost
A spooky ghost floating in the air.
trick or treater ghost
Happy trick or treater animated gif - Boo.
Halloween with witch, ghosts, jack-o'-lantern and black cat with animation.
little witch
Happy Halloween with a little witch and friends plus glitter animation.
A very friendly ghost.
black cat
A black cat with a scary jack-o'-lantern.
wrapped mummy
Mummy with attitude.
trick or treat
Trick or treat with a spooky ghost animation.
black cat pumpkin
Animated jack-o'-lantern with a black cat.
ghosts and bats clipart
Happy Halloween ghosts with two red eyed bats on a night sky with stars.

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Our Halloween images may be used to enhance your personal or educational websites.

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