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Bird animations created for website use. Category includes birds eating worms, birds in flight, birds jumping on the ground, birds sitting on perches, roosters crowing, birds singing, birds running and ducks quacking.

Page has blue birds, roosters, ducks, flamingos, parrots, seagulls, crows, doves, swans, woodpeckers, vultures, owls and more. All animated birds are gifs.

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bird worm
A bird fighting to get a worm for dinner.
bird flying
Bird flying smoothly through the air.
little bird jumping
A little bird jumping perhaps for joy.
two birds animated
Two excited birds jumping.
five birds perch
Five animated birds on a perch.
parrot perch
An animated parrot on his perch.
flying bird pink
A flamingo flying animation.
rooster crowing
A rooster crowing animation.

A flying seagull.
two crows
Two crows having an animated conversation.
animated dove
A dove in flight with olive branch animation.
flying blue bird
Animated blue bird in flight.
duck animation
A duck making his voice heard animation.
animated duck
A duck with something to quack.
flying flamingo
A large bird flying.
running flamingo
A flamingo on the run animation.
blue bird
A blue bird taking a leisurely flight.
goose flying
An animated goose on the move.
swan in water
A swan floating on the water and basking in the sun.
A woodpecker hunting for food or building a home.
white bird
A white bird in flight animation.

A humming bird in flight - JPEG clipart.
An ostrich hiding.
bird in flight
Blue bird in flight animation.
hungry vulture animation
A sneaky looking vulture waiting for some food.
cartoon bird
A animated funny cartoon bird flying.
baby bird
A tiny happy bird in flight.
owl on perch
An owl with flashing eyes sitting on a perch.
animated owl
An animated grey owl with big eyes.
flying own
A dark owl in flight animation.

If you use our free bird graphics, please give us credit.

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