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Basketball and related clipart and animations. Page has basketball hoops, backboards and nets. Also included are animated bank shots, nothing but net shots and slam dunks. Funny basketball animations including slam dunks and basketballs traveling. Free throws front and side views.

You may use our basketball animations or clipart on your personal websites and pages.

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bank shot
Bank shot off the backboard into hoop clipart.
bank shot animated
Bank shot animation.
animation in the net
Animated bank shot off the backboard.
backboard hoop
Backboard, hoop and net clipart image.

basketball hoop net
A basketball getting the better of the hoop and net.
woman dunk
A woman making a slam dunk in black and white.
women basketball
Three women playing basketball.
basketball player
Basketball player looking for a pick-up game animated.
basketball bounce
A bouncing basketball clipart image.
A basketball that is clearly traveling animation.
Basketball clipart image.
dribbling animation
Basketball player dribbling animation.
free throw
A free throw animation. Nice shot.

basketball animated
A basketball spinning animation.
free throw side view
Side view animation of a free throw.
basketball shot net
Animation of a nice shot with nothing but net.
slam dunk
An animation of a slam dunk gone wrong.

If you use our free basketball graphics, please give us credit.

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