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Page three of the lost web design gifs, animations and clipart we created between the years 1999 and 2003. Included are borders, horizontal lines, buttons, bullets, enter signs, welcome clipart, arrows and animations. Some have been on the site but many (most) were created, placed on hard disks, then became simply out of site, out of mind.

Since it seems the Myan calendar was wrong, we took off our aluminum foil hats, came out of our bunker and decided to show the previously lost images on these pages. Some are quite good and some are so-so. Feel free to use them on your web pages personal or business.

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button blank up arrow arrow up animated animated arrow down
left arrow animated arrow animated right animated enter animated welcome
animated horizontal line
down arrow arrow right arrow left large bullet
medium bullet small bullet large round bullet medium round bullet
border image left side
border image both sides
small round bullet home button enter image welcome clipart
links button email button home button oval about us
horizontal line
links oval prices oval button back button products
contact us button next button email oval order button
purple horizontal line support button      search button

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Our images are free to be used to enhance your website.
All we ask is that you give us credit if you use our gifs or clipart. Thank you.

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