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People Gifs and Animated Gifs
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People GIFS and Animated Clipart

Files with many people have transparent backgrounds. Animated GIF files have either white or black BG's.

You may use the men, women, boys and girls from this page on your web site.

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young girl with lots of glitter
Girl with glitter.
young woman out on the town
Looking hot.
woman dressed in black
Looking good in black.
young woman animated
animated woman walking
animated young woman stars
animated girl
dressed like a clown
clown with star animation
little girl in trouble
Someone has been up to no good.
girl with pigtails
Girl with pigtails and ribbons.
girl and her bear
Girl feeding her friend the bear.

cowboy with animated lasso
Cowboy and his lasso.
man relaxing
Man relaxing in a hammock.
woman and a man summer clothes
man and woman standing
business man
Out for a walk.
man walking his dog
Man walking his dog or perhaps dog walking his man.
walking fast
Out for a brisk walk.
woman in a rocking chair
Rocking good time.
Gunfighter ready to draw.
cowgirl animation
Cowgirl with long gun.
animated girl red and black
girl animated dressed in red
woman with star animation
young woman animated
Butler animated gif.

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Our people graphics are free to be used to enhance your personal website. Please give us credit if you use our gifs or clipart. Thank you.

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