Santa Claus Gifs and Clip Art

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Santa Claus Gifs and Santa Clipart

Kris Kringle's job is tougher than it seems. Lots of tugging, ringing and never ending patience.

You may use our Santa clip art on your personal, educational and non-profit web pages.

Santa with a little animation are all .gif files. Others are JPEGs.

Merry Christmas from Kris.

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a Father Christmas hug
Father Christmas waiting for a great big hug from you.
Santa ringing bell animated
Animated Santa standing on the corner ringing his golden bell.
Santa in his sleigh
Santa Claus in his sleigh being pulled by a reindeer across the snow.
santa in chimney animated
Santa Up the Chimney
animated Santa Claus
Santa Claus animated.
Santa moving snow
Santa shoveling snow animated.
Santa at the North Pole
Santa stuck to North Pole animated
happy Santa Claus
A very jolly Santa dancing.
very modern Santa
Santa's helper or times really are changing.

thumbs up Santa
Santa Claus giving you a great big thumbs up. Looks like you are getting that new clapper you wanted. Clap on...
tired Santa
A completely tired Santa. It's not easy delivering 6.6 billion ipads and 6.7 billion Chia Pets in one night.
Santa with list.
Santa making a list and checking it twice.
Santa doing his happy dance
Santa and his happy dance.
Santa working out
Santa Claus weight lifting.
Santa dribbling
Santa playing basketball.
Santa jumping for joy
Santa jumping for joy animated.
Santa Claus flying in sleigh with reindeer
Santa in sleigh with his reindeer animated.
little girl tugging on Santa's beard
My big brother said your beard isn't real. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Tell your brother to look for a lump of coal in his stocking.
Santa waving animated
Animated Santa Claus waving hello. This fat, jolly Santa has a transparent background.

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Our Father Christmas clip art is free to be used to enhance your website. All we ask is that you link back to our site if you use our gifs or jpg's.
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