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Not sure where to start with the Christmas category. We have Christmas gifs galore. Santa is the obvious starting point. Santa Claus is a very busy man. This section includes gifs of Santa dancing with reindeer, dancing for joy and even dancing with Frosty The Snowman. We included gifs of Santa having a snowball fight, playing musical instruments, lifting weights, playing basketball, playing football and Santa shooting pool. There is even an animated gif of Santa shoveling snow. However, we did not forget what is most important to Santa Claus, delivering presents to the children on Christmas Eve. We have Santa in his sleigh being pulled by the reindeer, Santa checking his list (twice), Santa going up and down chimneys and several gifs of Santa talking to the little boys and girls. Merry Christmas!


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animated silver Christmas bell christmas bells animated christmas bells

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Christmas wreath and bells
Christmas holly wreath with animated bells.
hanging Christmas wreath on door animated
A Man hanging a Christmas wreath.
animated Christmas tree with presents
Christmas tree with blinking lights and presents.
animated Christmas scene
Merry Christmas with snowman.
Santa dancing with his reindeer
Santa dancing with the reindeer.
Santa and Frosty animated
Santa and Frosty snowball fight.
tree ornament
Merry Christmas Ornament
puppy ready for Christmas
Puppy dressed for Christmas.
Merry Christmas with snowflakes
Animated Merry Christmas
candy canes
Candy canes with green bows.
rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Rudolph with his bright nose.
Santa Claus and Frosty dancing
Santa and Frosty the snowman dancing.

Speaking of presents, we included gifs of wrapped presents, elves making toys, Santa handing out gifts plus boys and girls opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

We didn't forget the standards. These pages include Christmas wreaths plus animated wreaths, Christmas bells, candy canes and stockings hung with care. We also added animated Christmas trees and Christmas ornament gifs. Gingerbread, holly, snowflakes, Mrs. Claus, poinsettias and the list keeps going.

elf strutting his stuff
Animated elf.
stockings hung by the fire animated
Stockings hanging from mantle.
animated Christmas tree
Christmas tree with flashing lights.

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas on Christmas Ornaments with frame.
Santa Claus dancing
A Very Happy Santa Claus.
Christmas bells
Christmas bells with ribbon and holly.
animated Christmas house
Christmas house with lights and wreath.
inside of a Christmas house with tree
Inside Christmas house with tree, wreath and stockings hanging from the fireplace mantle.
elf wrapping Christmas gift
Elf wrapping a Christmas gift.
Christmas scene Santa
Christmas scene with Santa, reindeer and snowmen.
Merry Christmas with table full of food
Christmas Feast.
3 Christmas bells animated
Christmas bells.
animated Christmas scene with snow
Merry Christmas scene.
Santa in his sleigh animated
Santa and his sleigh being pulled by Rudolph.
animated Christmas house lights and snow
Lighted Christmas house.
Christmas house animated tree
Christmas house snowman.
gingerbread house
Gingerbread house for Christmas.
elephant dressed for Christmas
Animated Christmas elephant.
animated girl with Christmas present
Little girl with Christmas gift.
candles with NOEL
Noel candles animated.
Almost forgot, elves a plenty. These pages have old elves, young elves, boy elves and girl elves. We even included a grumpy elf or two. So, take a little time and look around. You might find a Christmas gif or animated Christmas gif you will enjoy having on your website. Merry Christmas!
animated Rudolph the red nosed reindeer.
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.
Santa in his sleigh animated
Santa in his sleigh pulled by reindeer animated.
manger scene animated
Manger scene animation.
animated candy cane
Animated Candy Cane.
animated Santa Claus
Santa Claus animated.
animated Christmas tree with flashing star
Christmas tree with animated lights.
little angel
Little Christmas Angel.
Christmas angel with animation
Animated Christmas Angel.
Christmas house animated
Christmas house with animated snow and lights.
Christmas tree animated
Animated Christmas Tree with gifts
santa in chimney animated
Santa Up the Chimney
santa playing
Santa Having Fun

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