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Notes About Christmas Clipart

The elves on this page include clipart created with black, white and transparent backgrounds.

Each elf includes helpful information about the BG and format.

You may use the Christmas Elves clipart on your personal web pages. It takes all types of elves to get ready for Christmas eve.

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elf on black jpg
Elf seems to be plotting to take my candy cane.
elf sitting on gifts and waving
Hello from little elf
elf on white jpg
Shifty eyed elf on white background.
elves working on Santa's list
Elves organizing Santa's list. Have you been naughty or nice?
working elf
One of Santa's hard working elves.
little elf with Christmas stocking full of presents
Cute little elf.
wild and crazy elf
Goofy, crazy, wild and wonderful elf.
Christmas elf
Christmas elf in a hurry.
elves skiing
Two elves skiing.
elf leader
Elf leading the way.
elf and rudolph
An elf with his friend, rudolph.
elf in green and red on black jpg
elf on black, is it just me or does he look a lot like a deer caught in your headlights?
a fancy 3d elf with candy cane
3D elf with a large candy cane.
elf in red and green on white jpg
I didn't do it! Elf with a guilty look.

elf shower
Grumpy elf cooling off North Pole style.
elf in red and white with holly
Santa's little helper.
elf with red cap
Elf with something on his mind.
elves wirking on new toys
Elves creating toys for good little boys and girls.
elf wrapping Christmas gift
Elf wrapping a Christmas gift.
elf strutting his stuff
Animated Elf
two elves dancing
Elves dancing to the music.
elf painting a boat on white jpg
Elf painter, a true artist at work.
.elf working on toys
Elf making dolls.
transparent elf .png
artistic elf - transparent
elves getting ready for the big day
Elves preparing for Christmas Day.
happy christmas elf jpg
elf with a happy face on white
a relaxed Christmas elf
Christmas elf relaxing after a hard day.
happy elf transparent
transparent elf, big smile, green on green

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