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This category includes ugly and scary jack-o'-lantern animated gifs plus larger spooky jack-o'-lantern images. Also in this section are at least a dozen witches. Young and kind witches plus old and scary witches. We didn't forget witches cooking up their favorite treats in black cauldrons.

It wouldn't be Halloween without Doctor Frankenstein's horrible monster. We have gifs of the Frankenstein monster walking, offering flowers (beware of that one, he can be tricky), Frankenstein on fire and Frank electrified and animated.

Take a little time and look around our Halloween section. You may find a free Halloween gif or animated gif that you will enjoy having on your website. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Gifs


electric frank - It's Alive! - animated gif
Frankenstein Green and Electrified, animated.

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scary Halloween scene
Scary jack-o'-lanterns for a Happy Halloween.
witch sitting on a jack-o'-lantern animated
Cute witch animated.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween sign.

If you are looking for animated ghost gifs you have come to the right place. We have fun ghosts, scary ghosts and children dressed as ghosts. You will also find ghosts rising from the grave and ghosts with bat friends.

Want your Halloween gifs a little darker? Included are grim reapers with wings and reapers with scythes and at least one grim reaper with a black cat friend. We didn't forget skeletons and skulls. In this section are animated skeleton and animated skull gifs plus images. Skeletons walking and skulls talking. There is even a skull dripping blood. Not dark enough? We've also included The Devil. Can't get much more darkly evil than him.

Happy Halloween with black cat and skulls
Black cat, 2 skulls and Happy Halloween.
man melting animation
Zombie wants to eat your brains. (well, what is left of him does)
witch flying on her broom animated
Witch flying 1st class.

magic broom
Magic broom hard at work.
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween Animation
halloween scene
Happy Halloween Scene
Halloween grave
Rest In Peace
Happy Halloween with Jack-o'-lanterns
Happy Halloween with jack-o'-lanterns.
ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns
Jack-o'-lanterns and ghosts.
Zombie attack
Zombies Attack - Happy Halloween!
Halloween scene with ghosts, graveyard and witch
Happy Halloween scene with witch, ghosts and jack-o'-lanterns.
skeleton on the move
Slow walking skeleton.
trick or treater ghost
Happy trick or treater animated.
flying witch
Flying Halloween witch.
black bat
Bat in flight transparent background.
Things that go bump in the night? We've included a variety of animated haunted houses in the Halloween section. Haunted houses with ghosts and witches plus a haunted house with terrible things going on in the attic (perhaps a mad scientist). We also remembered zombies and bats because they are always bumping into things.
a cute devil
Cute Little Devil
bat flying with moon background
Bat flying against a night sky.
An angry vampire.
Halloween scene with haunted house and ghosts
Haunted house scene.
green witch with her broom
Halloween witch.
trick or treat
Halloween trick or treaters.

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Our Halloween Gifs may be used to enhance your personal website.

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